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Stay a while.

Stay a while.


Your creative designer, marketer, and brand strategist.


A little about me...

What is marketing?
Marketing isn’t just selling toothpaste. It’s convincing someone your story is important, it’s saving a local school from closing, it’s raising money to help someone you care about, it’s being so convincing that you change your boss’ mind and so much more. Marketing is a part of everything we do and a direct reflection of our interests and passions.
Why am I a marketer?
It’s simple, because I care about a lot people. I help our local small-town school pass referendums, raise money for the local cancer fund, market a multi-million dollar printing company, support a nonprofit that help’s others rediscover peace and support my husband’s football team. All for people and missions I care about.

What makes me smile?
More things than I can list! For starters, watching my dogs play, sleep, fetch and bark, admiring my husband coach football and care about students, spending time on the lake, watching the leaves turn, attempting to have a green thumb, tacos, margaritas, and surprise mail that arrives at my door, the list goes on…
What’s my mantra?
“Marketing is the generous act of helping people solve problems… It’s a chance to change culture for the better.” —Seth Godin




Each design project I listen, learn, research, discover and produce beautiful solutions that engage a desired target audience. From print design to digital design, I have over 7 years experience producing beautiful design solutions. 


Email marketing is a budget-friendly way to launch campaigns, content, promotions or newsletters. From coding emails to beautiful design, I have experience handling a wide variety of email marketing initiatives from start to finish. This means I can handle yours!



Building, re-crafting, merging or updating brands is a challenging process, that I just love. I have revitalized a $280 Million business and lead a brand merger for 7 brands into 1 brand. My approach starts with communication and ends with a beautiful packaged plan executed to fruition.


Websites are a direct representation of your brand and business. I have experience crafting websites for local businesses that are SEO friendly, filled with great design, and easy to navigate. From being a part of a large website team to building websites single-handedly - I embrace every project with budget and goals leading every decision.



I have a history of writing engaging content for

e-commerce companies and B2B brands. My writing style is mostly casual but fused with personality. What's the point of having great content if you don't share it? I am a savvy social media conversationalist and strategist. Growing social channels through likes, comments, and tweets is in my nature. I use content and social media to engage your audience with your brand!



Anytime a marketing initiative is launched, analyzing it's performance is important. This data is valuable to the future marketing of your business. I know my way around google analytics and social media data so that I can efficiently report on insights, progress and results to help your brand market smarter.

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I'd love to hear more about your business and goals. Feel free to drop me a note and I'll connect with you soon!
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